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Memory Motorsports, LLC. is in the business of finding and selling classic, collectible, historically iconic cars; it’s all we do. We’re more than happy to help like-minded enthusiasts obtain full market value for their car. Consigning your vehicle with Memory Motorsports, LLC. spares you the phone calls, emails, inspections, logistical nightmares, and paperwork inherent to a sale, to say nothing of the scores of time-wasting internet-based tire-kickers!

Broker Schedule

Memory Motorsports charges a percentage of the sale price based on a sliding scale. Over and above this percentage we charge $125/month for storage and advertisement. Individual arrangements can be made. The sale of a $25,000 car requires virtually the effort as that of a $250,000 car, and as such we charge a higher percentage of the sale price on less expensive cars.

Consignment Fees

    - Cars up to $35,000 Memory Motorsports charges 12%
    - Cars $36,000- $75,000 Memory Motorsports charges 10%
    - Cars $76,000- $150,000 Memory Motorsports charges 8%
    - Cars over $150,000 Memory Motorsports charges 6%

What Memory Motorsports, LLC. Needs to Properly Sell Your Car…

Memory Motorsports, LLC. treats the presentation and sale of consignment cars just as we do our own, and as such we require the consignor provide us with everything a discerning buyer/collector desires when he or she buys a specialty car.

Receipts for service work, documents of ownership history, published articles and/or photos, tools, service books, owners manuals, spare parts, etc., if available, add value and appeal to potential buyers.

Memory Motorsports, LLC. requires that the Consignor keep the original title, while providing Memory Motorsports, LLC. with a copy of the title and proof of insurance. Memory Motorsports, LLC. carries a liability policy to cover the consignor and Memory Motorsports, but does not carry coverage on consignment cars for theft, fire, collision or other damages. We require the consignor maintain their policy in force until the car is sold.